• Y.Tamao / translated by Lisa

"...Would you give a clinic?"

Suddenly, he said it. I, Sigehiko Arikawa, was surprised.

"No kidding! You know, I am a writer. Not a doctor. What do you mean?"

"Well, I'm asking if you mind giving serialization, named 'THE LOVE CLINIC' "

In short, he requested Sigehiko to write advice for readers of the magazines who sent worries about their love. It's an accompaniment to magazines.

Worried people ask, and kind of highbrows answer.

"I came down in the world..." He gave a sigh. Usually, they ask such a thing to the descend people, once well known but no longer popular.

That is to say, He was looked as such.

"I am a writer. I have no time to do such a stupid thing!"

...He wanted to say so, but he couldn't do without working.

At last, Sigehiko accepted his offer unwillingly.

There came serious letters to Sigehiko. Poor worriers! There's not a jot of truth in his answers, like this.

"I have had immoral love affairs, but I've become serious. I don't know what should I do...(Man 37years)" He answered, "Once you stray from the moral principles, go forward. Go the wrong way of life as far as you can. There is no way of life in front of you. It is you! You, yourself, make the way!"

Reading his answers, the editor begged him, "Please, Please answer more seriously..."

But Sigehiko paid no attention what he said.

He just said, "Shut up. That's none of my business!"

One day, he back to his home to know his wife disappeared.

There is a letter, saying only this. "I'll go the wrong way as far as I can."

Sigehiko says, "Though I've gave the serialization unwillingly, it did really a good job."



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