• Y.Tamao / translated by Kay

"Are you interested in opening a counseling office?"

Hiko could not help being surprised to this sudden question.

"Hey. I'm a writer, not a doctor! Why would I want to open a counseling office?"

"No, no, no...don't take me wrong. I'm offering you to start working with a serial story with the title 'lovesick counseling'."

This was the offer from a weekly magazine firm asking him to be in charge as the writer of the 'lovesick counseling' column. Yes, the kind of readers' column that educated people try to help the readers by giving advice in public.

"No, not yet...(grief!)"

Hiko knew that most of the time, these jobs were a special offer for writers behind the times- those writer who used to be famous, but don't have much to do now.

"Sorry! I've still got alot of imagination to do. Go on to your next candidate."

How much he wished to reject the offer by these words.... to make living, he decided to accept it.

The victims are those who write and seriously look forward to receiving a professional advice.

"I have eaten the forbidden fruit. I know it's not right, but I really love this woman from the bottom of my heart. What should I do?(37yrs old/Male)"

"You've already stepped out, why look back? Just go for it. There are no tracks in front of only exist behind us." -these are the irresponsible advices that Hiko would give.

"Come on, I want to see more sincerity towards the readers in your words."

Despite the editor's claims, Hiko would say "Shut up! How can I show sincerity to whom I don't even care a bit about!?"

One day after returning from a meeting at his office, Hiko found his wife gone. On the table was a piece of paper saying "Good bye. I am leaving you... the forbidden fruit."

After being at loss for a moment....."Well, I guess taking this offer made me easy in another way."



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