-Y.Tamao / translated by Lisa

Wherever you go, you may see men who have difficulty with confession of their love.

This guy, drinking with me, is one of them. Usually, He is real man.

Handsome visage. Great with all kind of sports. From a avarage man's angle, like me, he is perfect. he has everything men want to have. But when it comes to love, he perfectly loses his man.

"Go for it! Don't worry, Things will work out."

"But, I...Um..."

Why does he so hesitate? I listened to him softly at first, but I got nervous about his indecisiveness.

"Enough is enough! Be a man! Don't you have courage to make a step forward? You never get only one girl as it stands! Never! Listen to me, you..."

I decide to persuade him at all cost. Make him to confess somehow. I'll be his Cupid! After a whole hour with my hard persuasion, I've managed to melt his stubbornness.

"...OK, since you insist, I venture to confess my love. I'll try."

"Well said! Now, don't tell me you can't do that again. Come on, you don't need to be so worried like a little boy. It's not your first confession, right?"

"Year...I did, several times..."

"I see, you were dumped on all of them."

"No, no. I've made it quite all right just about that. But...I don't know why, but everybody I confessed would surely be killed at once. The  first one got run over and killed, the second died of unknown disease. The third..."

What? Would you believe! He never told me such a reason! Though it is unscientific story, I don't feel good if his crush die again after he DOES confess! It is me who cheer him up! I panic and say,

"Hey, wait! I guess you should be more prudent..."

"You asked me to do it, didn't you? Thanks load, I do it right away! Now, listen. The truth is, who I love is..."

His eyes fastened on me. A passionate eye.

Suddenly, a hard pain hits on my heart.........


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