• Y.Tamao / translated by Lisa

Suddenly, a UFO came down and said, "Nice to meet you, everybody. We are aliens. Sorry to make you surprised to appear so suddenly. We decree that we conquer the earth from now on, but we find that there are too many people on this tiny planet. So, we're gonna have to erase some of you human beings. We will watch all of you for 12hours and cut all bad people down. Keep it in your mind. Well, same thing will happen to all the hypocrites."

Naturally, the whole earth got into a panic.

A sneak thief heard that broadcasting from the UFO when he was going to steal into the room from the window. "What? Oh, God! I don't wanna be cut down! Oh, if I steal, I'll sure be a bad one! Stop it, stop it right now. ...But, I was going to in the room to steal something and heard that and stop it. Does it make me a hypocrite if I stop stealing? But, stealing is my whole life. Deny that and pretend to be a good person? Oops, THI IS hypocritical! What, What shall I do? I don't wanna die... So, stealing, as usual, makes me honest? But, thief! Steal! No way, it is bad, guilt. But, but if I didn't hear that, I did that for sure.I am sure with that. So, if someone proves that stealing is not bad, I can survive. ...No way! Wait, do they watch me now ? If so, they recognize me a hypocrite who stops stealing because of the news? Jesus Christ. Oh, shit, anyway, should I just go on, and pass this window? Then think the way to prove that stealing is not bad in 12 hours, then things will be all right! ...But if I can't do it, what should I do? Oh, God, I don't want to die, I don't want to die, I..."

A couple in unnatural love heard the broadcasting in the bed. "Hey, honey, did you hear that? " "......" "What you goona do? We've had an affair. It's not good, anyway." "......" "I told you. I've told you to divorce at once, at all time! Hey, do you hear me?" "...Who are you?" "You bastard! Are you saying you don't know me? You really believe it makes you a good person, it can erase the fact?" "Wa, wait, wait, just a joke, OK? Um...I can't believe it, let's think the way to survive together." "Joke? How dare you say a joke? You silly, I will not be killed. You ARE killed. " "HHHHHaw do you know that? Why? " "Don't you see? You have a wife and children, I have no husband. You've betrayed your family and I've not, of course. You've hidden that and I've not. See, Mr. hypocrite? That's why." "No, it's not fair!" "Shit up! You didn't divorce. Regret it. How is that my fault?" "What, what shall I do, what shall I do? I can't stand to be killed alone! O.K., listen, I break with you right now." "Stupid. You are already a bad man, aren't you? And getting worse and worse! Boo-hoo! How poor am I!" "Hey, please, I didn't mean that. Oh my, what should I do? Should I divorce from my wife? But if I didn't know about this UFO story, I would have never even thought of having a divorce..." "What? You always said you would part by next time, and it was a flat lie? You bastard!" "No, no, I love you, only you...oops, I lied again! I don't need her any more. Oh, God. Should I apologize to my family? No, then I'll come to admit that I did bad things. How can I ..." "Bastard!! I kill you!" "Calm down! If you really do that, you'll sure be killed!" "SHUT UP! They are going to kill the bad just like you! I'll help them!" "No way! Heeeeeeelp!"

A man is almost falling over from the cliff and the another is helping him. There came the broadcast. "Grab me! Keep it!" "Help, help me!" "...In fact, I hate this guy. Now, I'm going to help him instinctively, if I help him, am I a hypocrite then?" "Hey, what are you doing!? Help!" "...But should I let him go? But killing him is not good..." "Why, he's going to kill me? Then, I'll involve him!" "Ugh, he is pulling me! Stop! What are you doing!?" "I don't give a shit! You should be killed before the UFO kill you!" "What? You should die by yourself! " "Au, don't kick me! Stop, hey! Stop! Sto...AAGHhhhhh..............." "Pant pant......I am survived just now, but...? "

In the ruler room of a certain nation, "How is it going? We can't evade that situation after all?" "Yes, sir. I am really sorry for it... only 5 hours are left before the extinction of all the world." "Oh lord. All this, just because I launched the nuclear explosion missile, just by accident...By the way, does the plan works?" "Yes, sir. It goes according the plan. All the people will die with blaming themselves by hearing the radio broadcast from the model UFO." "Good. Now I don't have to worry about being accused by everyone in the next world...Do you remember which scientist did prove of heaven's real existence? Ah, hypocrite...probably, it is me who is the worst hypocrite in the world..."


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